Mexican Problem Through 1917

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Wilson did not create the Mexican problem he inherited it from the Taft Administration.

Mexico acquired Independence from Spain in 1821 and next 20 years many revolutions. In 1876 Porfirio Diaz was elected President, supported by the Army, Catholic Church, large land owners and big business. He was re-elected until 1910 when revolution caused him to flee Mexico. He mainted law and order and had political stability, dictatorship style. He encouraged foreign investments. Standard of living rose while he was President.

Francisco Madero lead revolution that caused Diaz to flee to Europe. Madero was not good for Mexico, he tried to destroy the old political system, Roman Catholic Church, and large land owners. He was murdered.

Counter revolution lead by General Victoriuno Huerta replaced Madero. All leading nations except the United States recognized his government. Wilson under a lot of pressure to recognize Huerta's government refused to do so. Our Ambassador in Mexico, Henry Lane Wilson advised Wilson to accept his government.

A short time later another revolution broke out lead by General Venustiano Carranza. Ambassador Wilson was recalled to Washington and fired. John Lind replaced Henry Lane Wilson as Ambassador in Mexico. Lind was sent to Mexico to arrange an armistice and the holding of free election in which Huerta would not be a candidate.

Wilson chose a policy called Watchful Waiting, meaning he would not recognize Huerta or supply war materials to either side and not intervene militarily. This was very unpopular with most Americans.

Wilson changed his policy. He thought he would be able to force Huerta from power. Wilson isolated Huerta diplomatically, gaining him support from the Mexican people. Wilson lifted the arms embargo for Carranza only, this also gained Huerta support from the Mexican people.

Wilson was given an excuse to intervene militarily, when the...