The Mexican Revolution

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The Mexican Revolution There was a huge revolution in the country of Mexico that started in the year 1910, led by Porfirio Diaz, the president of Mexico in 1910. In the 1860's Diaz was important to Mexican politics and then was elected president in 1877. Diaz said that he would only be president for one year and then would resign, but after four years he was re-elected as the President of Mexico. Porfirio Diaz and the Mexican revolution had a huge impact on the country of Mexico that is still felt in some places today.

The earliest start to the Mexican Revolution of 1910 happened one hundred years earlier when two priests, Miguel Hidalgo and Jose Morelos, led a stand against the Spanish colonial officials who were controlling Mexico at the time. On September, 16 1810 Hidalgo led Mexico's Indians in a revolution directed against the Spanish plantation owners in northern Mexico.

He was motivated by a need for a new government and a re-location of both the church's and plantation owner's lands. Hidalgo and the Indians, armed with only farm tools and weapons, marched towards Mexico City. While Hidalgo was marching into Mexico City, Jose Morelos organized an attack force and began raiding Spanish plantations and towns. Hidalgo's army was defeated in 1811 and he was executed. Jose Morelos took control of the revolution and led attacks until the Spaniards captured and killed him in 1815. When Morelos died so did the revolution of 1810.(, Encarta 98) In 1876, Porfirio Diaz, an Indian general in the Mexican Army took control of the nation, and continued to be elected until 1910. This new era was too one way and started the Mexican Revolution. The government eventually allowed Mexico to fall into dictatorship that gave way to a new...