Mexico's Policies Toward Chicanos

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Chicano's in the new millennium have faced a new problem that is critical for their fight for rights, education, and having a political voice in the United States today. This problem is the sustainment of links with their homeland Mexico which promotes a good relationship with the United States government and has an effect on policy making. This article represents that the policies of ancestral countries toward their nationals who reside in another country have not received appropriate attention.

The Mexican presidential administrations in power during the period of 1970-1994 enunciated five main goals regarding the Chicano community. These goals are the defense of the civil rights of the Mexican-origin population in the United States, The enhancement of Mexican culture in the United States, The acquisition of Chicano political support, the promotion of Chicano participation in U.S.-Mexican relations, and the formatting of business links. During President Luis Echeverria term (1970-1976), a political discourse that supported the civil rights of the Chicano community was used on various occasions.

He declared that he favored improved access of Chicanos to health programs, educational opportunities, and equal justice. He also engaged in private talks with President Richard Nixon, where he advocated better treatment of Chicanos, specifically in terms of educational opportunities. President Jose Lopez Portillo (1976-1982) also addressed the importance of Chicano civil rights. He told the President of the United States (Jimmy Carter) that he observed with much concern that the rights to education, health, and legal protection were denied to the Chicano community. After 1980, the Mexican government intensified its efforts to protect the civil rights of Mexican nationals in the United States; the political protection policies received top priority in Mexican foreign policy. Despite the Mexican governments civil rights efforts a more hostile environment for the civil rights...