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Week 1 Assignment: Decision Making Process Paper

Aaron Walton


The most recent and important decision that required my use of the decision making process was when I decided to return to school. This decision had a direct impact on my life from a personal and business perspective. Returning to school would require me to halt my personal ambitions and focus on my business ambitions. This problem required a process to ensure the decision I was making was the correct decision for my future.

The problem that required this decision process revolved around personal ambitions and business ambitions. I have a personal desire to begin a relationship and start a family. I have made financial and personal decisions throughout life that would support this desire. I have a great career which is leading to a big promotion in the future and will increase my income by 40% or more, but something changed 2 years ago.

The company I work for changed its promotion process. For any employee to be promoted, they must obtain a four year degree or be working towards a four year degree. My problem was do I pursue my personal desire of a relationship and family or do I pursue the promotion that slipped away and return to school? Returning to school would fill a void that I have had for while which was obtaining a degree. I did not attend college after high school because I fell extremely ill to meningitis which lead to a lengthy hospital stay and expense medical bills; I lost my drive in there. Gaining an education would also allow me to take better care of a family because of the increase in earning power and a traditional work schedule as compared to 12 hour days. After several weeks of thought I...