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After completing the DiSC platinum Rule Assessment I found that my predominant behavioral style is "The Helper (Is)" an Interactive Style. The Helper is MORE open and LESS direct than most other Interactive styles. The primary goal that motivates me is friendship. I have a natural dislike of pressuring others or telling them what to do. I seek close, personal relationships rather than popularity and have a wide range of friends and acquaintances. I communicate a low-key, casual style of caring and sharing. I am deliberate and patient in my approach to tasks. I am extremely sensitive to criticism, and allow it to affect my relationships.

Some of my tendencies include; Empathizing and projecting genuine concern, becoming overly subjective about people you care about, avoiding conflict and tension with others, being dependable, caring, and responsible, Listening to people's feelings and sharing your own, showing confidence and trust in people, preferring people-oriented, positive work environments, becoming too submissive or unrealistic under pressure

My growth opportunities With Tasks: I would benefit by learning when and how to take charge of a situation.

I may procrastinate by waiting for others to provide direction. In highly competitive situations, such as sales, I would benefit by seeking coaching on assertiveness.

With People: Being part Steadiness Style and part Interactive Style, I have strong people needs. Because I have an extraordinary desire to please people, I can become exhausted by their demands. So I need to learn to sometimes say "no." also I have difficulty dealing with conflict because when people express displeasure or disagreement, I interpret it as personal rejection. I need to learn to deal with the reality of conflict rather than avoiding it. Interactive styles are fast-paced and people-focused. They are also open and direct, exhibiting characteristics such as animation, intuitiveness, and liveliness.