MGT 344 Week 3 Simulation Evaluation

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A simulation was created by the University of Phoenix, this simulation is evaluated and broken down into many pieces.

Simulation evaluation Company s are in a constant confliction. Rarely is it easy to find a balance between that in which is productive and that which is counter-productive. Counter-productive would include the likes of meetings over discriminate issues, or employees that discriminate. A small percent of people discriminate at work, but because of the discrimination that is done by the small percent, the rest of the percentile has to abide by these concepts, rules, meetings and conferences. What are some measures a company can take to reasonably to accommodate people with disabilities, or those with a known drug abuse problem, and how does the simulation demonstrate these? One in 12 full-time employees reports current use of illicit drugs. One in every 10 people in this country has an alcohol problem(Lectric, 2000).

Drug abuse problem is just that. A problem. The simulation did not go into any actions to demonstrate this, but drug abuse in the workplace can be destructive to everyone around a drug abuser. The cost of a drug abuse employee is substantial. The cost include a immense amount of non-attendance, overtime pay, belatedness, ill time off, workers compensation, tension between staff, ruined gear, poor judgment, business impression, and eventually lead in personal turnover. A measure the company can take would be to create a substance abuse program. This program would include a policy in written form, a training program, employee programs, open-door policy with the employee assistance program, and a drug-testing program.

Should factors like personality, attitude toward work, and future upward mobility be considered when hiring? Why or why not? How does the simulation demonstrate these? Personality creates a large dynamic in the work-place. A poor attitude towards...