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Case Study

The article entitled: "Let it Pour -My first Assignment as Executive Assistant", posses threes major problems that Faith Community Hospital is facing. Chris Smith, who has recently been promoted to Executive Assistant, has been assigned to help Pat, the Chief Executive Office (CEO), to solve some major issues that are affecting the hospital in many ways. Chris is very excited about getting the opportunity to help Pat with such an important task. The problems facing the hospital appear to be important to the success, and the mission statement of the hospital. The missing statement is very simple but very important to follow. Although the hospital has a mission statement, it appears that very few people are following it. The purpose of this case study analyses is to address the Do Not Resuscitate directives, the raising price of healthcare, and employees providing free healthcare and medication to the patients.


One of the main problems that Faith Community Hospital faces is the legal aspect of Do Not Resuscitate (DNR). Because Faith Community is a religious based hospital, there are times when employee's personal beliefs get in the way of the proper treatment of their patients. Patients feel that they should have the right to refuse medical treatment based on their religious beliefs or personal moral convictions. At the same time, doctors and nurses are faced with having to uphold their Hippocratic Oaths, while balancing their own beliefs and interpretation of the mission statement of the hospital. For example, they may wish not to perform a certain treatment on a patient because of personal beliefs. In turn the patient may need or want this treatment in order to survive.

The second important problem facing Pat and Chris is the raising price of healthcare and insurance. Each insurance company...