Mgt/350 Decisions In Paradise Part 3

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Decisions in Paradise, Part III

University of Phoenix

MGT 350: Critical Thinking

October 6, 2008


Decisions in Paradise III

The island of Kava is faced with many problems, including location, stakeholders, and economic structure. Wal-Mart is committed to assisting the community of Kava in transforming their current economic structure from disaster to prosperity. Developing a greater presence in Kava will depend on the successful implementation of the proposed solutions, which can be broken down into two categories; internal and external. In order for the solutions to be successful, three elements must be taken into consideration; factors affecting decision implementation, resources and actions required for decision implementation, and ethical implications from the stakeholders' perspectives.

Implementation of Proposed Solutions


Three internal problems exist for Wal-Mart on the island of Kava; lack of objectives, lack of structure, and lack of organization.

Lack of Objectives. The proposed solution to the lack of objectives is to contact headquarters and request detailed information and instructions from the founder, Chris Morales, to determine how he wants the company to develop a greater presence on the island.

Lack of Structure. To correct the lack of structure of the company representation, other people must be employed to assist in the office; an opportunity to hire qualified individuals from the community of Kava. Alex, the director of strategic planning, needs to concentrate on her job duties rather than performing multiple job duties, which could result in inadequate work.

Lack of Organization. The lack of organization is a symptom that can be solved by addressing the lack of structure. Hiring additional personnel to assist in the office as a receptionist and a filing clerk would solve the disorganization of the island office and allow...