MGT 350 Problem Analysis Summary

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This summary will include a brief background of a problem that a supervisor is experiencing within the workforce. Along with the scenario, the summary will contain the events that exposed the problem, various applicable components of Critical Thinking, and alternative solutions using a variety of tools and techniques. Finally, a solution is chosen with a detailed plan to implement and a process to monitor the success of the decision.

Brief Background

The maintenance department supervisor manages 10 hourly union employees with an average age of 55 years old. There are at least two employees planning on retirement next year and one is currently on an extended leave of absence for personal reasons. To avoid a limited production problem when the employees retire, the supervisor wishes to hire a couple of new younger employees now so that training & experience can be transferred before the experienced workers leave.

Unfortunately the corporate office will not allow any additional employees to be hired at this time.

However, there are two former maintenance employees in the production group that are qualified and could easily be transferred to the department, but they both have issues. One has personality and attitude issues and the other lacks the skills to perform the tasks.

To compound the problem, the Union President who is also an hourly employee in the maintenance department does not want the person with personality problems either. However, the Union President would support the transfer of the worker lacking skills. If the supervisor transfers the skills lacking person, then he believes the department is no better off. The maintenance supervisor wants workers with the proper skills and attitudes to enhance the productivity of the department. He feels he does not have the time, money, and patience to counsel and/or perform massive training to...