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Successful planning involves the choice of one of many tools and techniques. Plan can use a combination of these tools and techniques to achieve the best possible results. I will provide and example of an instance in my company that uses the technique I choose. I will also examine when you should choose a different tool or technique.

Tools and Techniques

I choose a planning technique that I found on a website called This web is offers numerous techniques to handle different management situations. These are various phases of planning. The website outlined all the phases that should be carried out carefully to ensure successful planning and implementation. The phases include;

(A) Referencing a mission or overall purpose, During planning, planners have in mind (consciously or unconsciously) some overall purpose or result that the plan is to achieve. For example, during strategic planning, it's critical to reference the mission, or overall purpose, of the organization,

(B) Identify various driving forces, or major influences that might effect the organization.

This "taking stock" is always done to some extent, whether consciously or unconsciously. For example, during strategic planning, it's important to conduct an environmental scan. This scan usually involves considering various driving forces, or major influences, that might effect the organization.

(C) Conduct a "SWOT" analysis of internal strengths and weaknesses, and external opportunities and threats. SWOT is an acronym for considering the organization's strengths and weaknesses, and the opportunities and threats faced by the organization. During this analysis, planners also can use a variety of assessments, or methods to "measure" the health of systems.

(D) Establish goals Based on the analysis and alignment to the overall mission of the system, planners establish a set of goals that build on strengths to take advantage of opportunities, while building...