MGT 431 SMC Company Five Year Strategic Plan

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The Human Resource (HR) staff has been with the SMC Company for the past two years, and many changes have been implemented that effected the organization. At the request of the Chief Executive Officer and under the direction of the Company's HR Department, the SMC Company has completed a needs analysis and created this a five-year forecast to better guide the company's HR policies and decisions. It is the viewpoint of the involved committees that the implementation of these new policies will allow SMC Company to attract and retain employees and increase the morale of current associates. These changes are necessary to ensure the company to become the employer of choice in the community. In order to remain competitive, the needs analysis included scrutiny of the local and global market. If we do not act immediately, we will end up responding in a reactive mode and that will increase our challenge.

SMC Company Five Year Strategic Plan

In forecasting SMC Company's five-year plan for remaining competitive, analysis of the local and global market had to be performed. Our study also looked at the competitiveness in our product line and our compensation program including benefits. In our evaluation, competitiveness not only on a product level had to be done, but also in regards to compensation and benefits. The SMC Company is a manufacturer and distributor of ergonomic office equipment based in a small mid-western town. In response to increased product demand, SMC Company has a current workforce of 100 associates. Our workforce has increased by 50 percent in the past two years in response to increased customer demand.

The largest concentration of new employees is in the manufacturing side of the company. Several critical factors have been considered and weighed in the completion of the needs assessment. The...