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Through establishing an organizational belief system and values, as well as setting official goals that work in conjunction with certain inducement systems of an employee's evaluative component, Ben & Jerry's has created a motivation fostering environment for it's employees. They have created an atmosphere for its organization which upholds the best interests of our world and environment, its employees, customers and communities, and the standards for quality of life on all levels.

Ben & Jerry's have incorporated important beliefs and progressive values into their business strategy. They have taken into consideration many aspects of the external environment when establishing how they will conduct business. The organization has formed its mission around three distinct yet interrelated aspects; the product, the economy and society. Through their product mission, Ben & Jerry's seeks to produce the finest quality ice cream utilizing wholesome and natural ingredients while continually promoting environmentally safe practices. The organization's economic mission begins with the company sustaining its growth and increasing its overall value.

More important however is its commitment to its employees through increasing opportunities and career development. According to the company's website, they "…strive to create economic opportunities for those who have been denied them and to advance new models of economic justice that are sustainable and replicable." The organization places a great importance on their social mission recognizing the role they play in society and seeking to improve others' quality of life globally. Ben & Jerry's is also built on the foundation of respect. Expressed as being central to their mission, "is the belief that all three parts must thrive equally in a manner that commands deep respect for individuals in and outside the company and supports the communities of which they are apart." ( Through these missions Ben & Jerry's has created ideals and values that...