Mgt Preformance Planning and Review with in an Organization

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�PAGE � �PAGE �8� Appraisal and Compensation

Appraisal and Compensation System

Angel Gourrier

Dana Laws-Douglas

Gemyra Williams

La Tyler Williams

University Of Phoenix

HRM 424


Wil Dourrieu, M.B.A., M.A.

July 16, 2007

Team 2

This paper will analyze the performance evaluation system referred to in this paper as Performance Planning and Review and/or PPR currently used by the Louisiana Department of Civil Service. This team has select the Department of Civil Service contributed by team member Dana Laws-Douglas after evaluating systems used by Cox Commutations contributed by LaTyler Williams, Garden of Eden Child Care Center contributed by Gemyra Williams and Unknown contributed by Angel Gourrier.

A performance evaluation system is a tool to inform employees of the expectations of an organization. This process allows the employee to be conscious of their weaknesses and strengths, it also allows the employee to learn and develop ways that align with and support current and future missions of their organization.

The performance evaluation system promotes professional growth through training, and education, which will enable the employee to successfully carry out the accession mission. According to the "State's Employees Performance Planning and Review" form, employees will receive a properly designed "Performance Planning and Review (PPR) to assure that all employees are properly evaluated, so they can contribute to their organization competencies. A performance planning and review is vital to the development of this organization. (2007)

The performance planning and review, rating session gives the supervisor the opportunity to discuss the position description, discuss items that requires top priority, and discusses what tasks and level of performance is expected. At this time, if the supervisor and employee have different views, this is the time for both employee and supervisor to become clear on requirements. This process allows the supervisor to assess employee competencies, identify developmental...