MGT499-Module 5 Case

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Trident University

Mrs. Carmen M. Pérez-De La Matta

Module 5 - Case

MGT499 - Strategic Management

Professor: Dr. Alan Preizer

October 1, 2014

Case Assignment

Strategic Choices at Harley-Davidson Motor Company

To complete Module 5 Case Assignment, read the information in the background material, look for more information and review some of your previous readings for this class, and then write a 4- to 5-page report for your professor and the executives of H-D Corporation by answering the following questions:

What strategy (or combination of strategies) did Harley-Davidson use to become such a successful organization?

To what extent has Harley-Davidson's strategy (or combination of strategies) changed over the years, or been constant?

How does Harley-Davidson's strategy (or combination of strategies) "fit" with the environment of the motorcycle industry?

How does Harley-Davidson's strategy (or combination of strategies) "fit" with the internal resources and competencies of the firm?

Based on your analysis and findings, what would you recommend to the executives of Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Corporation?

Note: Reports/assignments will not be accepted without proper citations and references.

Use the sources from the background material together with the sources you find on your own.

This paper should include: An introduction stating the thesis, position, or central theme of your paper, a main body focusing on the key assignment specifications, and a conclusion concisely stating the main points of your analysis and the conclusions you reached.


Harley-Davidson has been a major U.S. motorcycle manufacturer and the leading seller of heavyweight models not only in the American market but it also operates globally, with sales mostly in North America, Europe, Asia/Pacific and Latin America. For Harley-Davidson has been crucial to create business strategies in assuring the company succeeds in a diverse competitive targeted consumer market place. This paper...