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Johnathan Opdyke

Case Analysis 1: Multistate Health Corporation

Describe MHC's strategy in terms of market position. Also, identify the type of external environment MHC is operating in and the degree to which the strategy matches the environment.

In this particular case study of the Multistate Health Corporation their business strategy alignment was not well suited for that of the market. They decided to focus on two objectives that would give them success and deter away from the "oversupply of bed space." One of the objectives were to focus on technology. "The strategic planners departed from the previous strategy, opting to become a leader in the development of new health care technologies and procedures" (Effective Training 51). The other objective that they decided to align with was to improve their efficiencies in their healthcare and outpatient services. The cause of this new direction for MHC is due to the changing environment of the healthcare system and the pressures that they were receiving from the federal and state government.

In order to stay competitive with other healthcare facilities, they need to be proactive and adjust their business strategies to the needs of the environment.

Identify the type of structure MHC currently uses in its primary businesses. Describe the fit between the structure and the competitive strategy. Describe any structural adjustments MHC should make to maximize the effectiveness of the strategy.

The way that the Multistate Health Corporation is organization is through a three-tier hierarchy. At the top of the organization is the President and CEO of the company. Underneath this position there are three regional EVPs that report to the President and CEO. Within the three regions they have their own staff that is employed across several hospitals within those regions. With the new adjustments that they are making the increase in...