Mi – Adidas CONCEPT

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Final Project

Mi - Adidas CONCEPT

Submitted to: Dr. Chafic Abid

Company History:

It all began in 1920, when Adolph"Adi" Dassler and his brother Rudolph made

Their first shoes in Herzogenaurach, a small village in the south of Germany

Using the basic materials available after World War I, Rudolph began making

Slippers with soles made from old tires. Adi converted the slippers into gymnastics

Shoes and soccer shoes with nail-on studs or clears. The idea was as simple as it was brilliant: provide every athlete with the best possible equipment.

At the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics, German athletes showcased Dassler shoes to the world. In the 1936, the brothers achieved a major breakthrough when Jesse Owens

Agreed to wear their shoes in the Berlin Olympics, where he won four gold

medals. By 1937 the Dassler brothers were manufacturing shoes for more than 11 different sports. In 1948 the two brothers quarreled and Rudolph left to establish

the Puma sports company, while Adi registered the name adidas and the

following year adopted its now famous three diagonal stripe trademark.

The first

samples of adidas footwear were used at the 1952 Helsiniki Olympics.

In 1954 Germany won the World Cup, wearing new screw-in studs on adidas soccer Shoes. In 1963 the first adidas soccer ball was produced and clothing was added to the product range in 1967. By the Montreal Olympics in 1976, over 80% of medal

winners were adidas- equipped athletes. Business was booming and Adidas had become

a household name in the sporting arena, synonymous with sporting achievement.

In 1989 the Dassler family withdrew from the company, and the enterprise was transformed into a corporation. Bernard Tapie, a French business tycoon, took over but was soon jailed following his involvement in a soccer-fixing scandal.

Subsequently, adidas was declared bankrupt and left...