Miami County's future.

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The future of Miami County doesn't look very bright unless we start changing the way we live. Everyone is so caught up in our fast paced world. The future will mean nothing without people getting involved in the clean up of are environment. The air we breathe, the water we drink, and even the sun has its setbacks. Everything has become so contaminated that its hard to even look to the future. We have become so caught up in having more than our next door neighbor that we forget whats important. Which is not filling our air and water with toxic waste and pollution. If we can overcome these things then the possibilities are endless.

Technology has grew with leaps and bounds and if we can stay on the right track our world will flourish. If we can can overcome our differences with other countries and no longer have to worry about war,then our society can step forward into the future.

I believe that there will be so many advances in technology that people will live to be older due to advances in medicine, and better nutrition.

Things I imagine to happen in the future are super subway systems that can carry passengers to their destination in a matter of minutes. I also think that there will be no schools, everything will be performed at home on our computer systems, due to the violence that occurs in schools. I believe that there will be homes on the moon and we will find life on other planets. I believe that we will also have hover crafts capable of space travel. I also think that we discover many national treasure on the bottom of our oceans and lakes. I think that we will not have guns but, lasers and robotics which will...