Miami School Negotiations

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Running Head: Miami School Negotiations

Miami School Negotiations Paper

Tristan Carter

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Miami School Negotiations

School issues always stir up different types of emotions within the district to whom they affect. Students get riled up and the parents of the students get riled up and school board meetings turn into huge debates fueled by the stirred emotions. Miami is home to many ethnicities and to many people in general and when talks of redrawing the school boundaries one may see where any one decision could not possibly appease all people involved. Parents are the voice for the children when it comes to decision-making and the parents all have the chance to weigh-in during the negotiations to redraw the boundaries.

Quality of Education

When it comes to the quality of education, majority of parents do not want to compromise the education provided to his or her child.

In Florida, schools have ratings according to the rate at which the students pass or fail the state assessment exams. "Miami is home to the fourth-largest public school district in the nation, several major universities and some of the region's finest continuing education resources" (, 2009). In a city packed with students, the quality of education is a major concern.

The average city school rating for Miami is a five (GreatSchools Inc., 2009). This is not the best rating but it fares better than other cities in Florida. In the Miami-Dade County District Strategic Plan, it is lays out the recent achievements between 2004 and 2006. These achievements include engaging parents, increased reading performance, and upgrading schools from a "D" or "F" rating (, 2009). With this provided information, one could conclude that the education system in Miami is continually growing and becoming better with...