Of Mice And Men

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We had just come back from bucking and were minding our own business when Curley came into the bunkhouse and started kickin' up a fuss. He started going on about his wife and how she was always hanging around the bunkhouse. So then I told Curley that one-day something would happen that he couldn't control. When I mentioned it to curly he got annoyed and started cursin'. But Lennie the idiot laughed and really ticked off Curley, he started going at Lennie, throwing punches all over the place and, might I say he isn't a bad fighter, But he really messed up Lennie's face. Lennie fell to the floor and started crying "what do I do George, what do I do." So I told him what to do, but well lets just say he took it a little to far. I heard Curleys hand crunch from the other side of the room.

I know I told Lennie to drop him but he really took it to far. There's a big difference between being knocked out and losing the use of your hand. I hate to think what will happen when the boss finds out, at best we will lose our jobs but I hate to think what they will do to poor Lennie. I have to go now, dinner has just been served.