Of Mice and Men

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Of Mice and men Of mice and men is the story of two opposites that attract. They are two very different people Lennie and George, yet they stick together like glue. These two characters have a lifetime to tell, while John Steinbeck articulately and so well detailed, makes the place, the characters and the situation come alive. The book is about two men, Lennie and George off to make their dream of fortune come true. I think it is important to explain their characters as to get a brief picture in your mind. Lennie is a big man, with horrendous strength, unfortunately he doesn’t know how to use it properly to his advantage. The problem is he’s dumb, and not just dumb, he hasn’t got a mind of his own, it is like the other part of his body is George, they cannot do without each other. Which brings me on to Georges character.

He is a small, skinny, quick and clever sort of guy, who leads Lennie around by the nose. He makes it look like he doesn’t need Lennie, but he does, to make him feel secure he needs Lennie.

Anyway, where was I ? Oh that’s right, they go from place to place, to ranch to ranch, making a bit of money here and a bit of money there. Their one lifelong dream is to one day make enough money, to get a ranch of their own. So they one day come across a ranch where they plan to work, and work they do and this is where the story begins. They meet lots of people in this ranch, friends, nobodies and people they know they have to stay away from, in order to avoid harsh consequences, such as Curley and his...