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Of Mice and Men 1. The reason that Lenny and George left Weed was because Lenny touched that girl's dress. Just wanting to feel the fabric the girl thought something else of his actions and told people that Lenny was harassing her. This foreshadows the end of the book in a way that Lenny will always get himself into trouble, and George will have to get him out of it. The two of them will have to run away a lot to keep Lenny out of trouble.

2. The one incident that sticks out in my mind is when Candy's dog got too old and had to be put down. This was hard for Candy, for that it was like killing his own best friend. Candy felt bad that he had one of his friends put his dog to rest because it was his own responsibility. If he wanted his dog dead, he felt that he should have done it himself.

This foreshadows the end of the book as when George had do kill Lenny because Lenny could not stay out of trouble. If George had not of killed Lenny, the two of them would be running away from trouble for the rest of their lives.

3. Curley's wife is just looking for a friend, that she could talk to and have fun with. She tries to make friends by her looks and almost trying in a way seducing the men out at the ranch. She is very beautiful, all the guys notice her. What Candy said to her wasn't fair; she gets trapped at the farm.

4. Slim is good in a way that he always sticks up for George and Lenny when Curley tries to provoke Lenny. I don't think that Slim is a hero though, he doesn't do anything that he could call himself a hero. Curley on the other hand, he is bad. He has an attitude and he likes to box. So he feels intimidated by Lenny's size and he thinks that he needs to make sure that he is tougher than Lenny. Curley could be called a villain; he finds the weaker more unstable people and tries to provoke them into a fight since he knows that he won't get fired because he is the boss's son.

5. Everybody has a dream of what they want to become of themselves. Not everybody comes through with their dreams. No one ever followed through on what they said they were going to do in this book. This says that not really anyone could have followed through on their dreams. During the 1930's, people were going through the Depression where nothing was going correctly. People were blaming themselves, not the surrounding areas. There wasn't much that people could've done about it.