Of Mice and Men.

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'Of Mice and Men' is a 1937 novel about the life and difficulties of travelling ranch workers. The two main characters in this novel are called George and Lenny, and they are both travelling ranch workers, finding work wherever they can so they may raise enough money to achieve their dream; a plot of land of their own. George is a described as a small but an intelligent man although his views on whether or not he's intelligence is much different than an average man, claiming that if he was indeed smart we would not be working for other people. Lenny on the other hand is described as the complete opposite of George with a huge body and exceptional strength to match, but with the mind of a child. His simple mind often causes him and George a lot of trouble, and George being the responsible one out of the two takes it upon himself to take care of Lenny and try his best to keep them about of trouble, and if failing that he's the one who would find the way out.

The novel start with Lenny and George running away from an angry mob after a misunderstanding concerning Lenny and a lady, who had a pretty dress that Lenny, in his innocence, wanted to touch. After the escape from angry people and search dogs they find work in Soledad, a farming ranch. There you are introduced to some of the other minor characters such as Slim and Crooks and also gives you a better understanding of George and Lenny, as well as their relationship.

Unfortunately all does not end well when Curly's wife, (Curly being the boss' son), is accidentally killed by Lenny who had just wanted to touch her neck. The whole novel reaches an...