of mice and men

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Of Mice and Men

In Of Mice and Men novella by John Steinbeck. There's two characters that featured as best friends. George and Lennie. George is small and smart, while Lennie is big and has a mental disability. In the beginning of the story, George and Lennie say that they had a strong friendship like brothers and they have a dream of owning a house and land. However, they had many problems while working at the new job place, and it makes their dream impossible. At the ranch there's a lady that cause the conflict to change, and she is Curley's wife. Curley is the boss of place where they work. Curley's wife is a flirt because she never get that kind of attention from Curley. In the end Curley's wife end up dying by Lennie hands. In orders, to save Lennie from the society that would misunderstood him, George have too kill Lennie.

Manny readers would feels bad for Lennie death and think that George is a selfish person, but in my opinion George did the things.

One of the problems that makes Lennie and George dream impossible is that Lennie keep killing animals by accident and he has a mental disability too. So when Lennie found something that is soft, he will keeps petting it and when he accidentally pet it too hard, the animal end up dying, even if an animal that is dead Lennie still picks it up and puts it in his pocket and keeps petting it. For example " 'What you want of a dead mouse, anyways?' ' I could pet it with my thumb while we walked along,' said Lennie." (Steinbeck; page 5 & 6) This quote show that Lennie found a dead mouse on the floor and he put it...