"Of Mice and Men" Commentary: Description of Crooks' Barn

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The passage is from "Of Mice and Men". Steinbeck describes Crooks' room for the first time. In this passage, Steinbeck is illustrating Crooks' barn to the reader as the setting on the passage. First, he describes everything in detail that is located in Crooks' barn while using powerful diction to clarify Crooks' character. Second, he describes Crooks' barn as his source of his pride and self-respect while reinstating his loneliness. Third, Steinbeck uses sound imagery to foreshadow and to set the tone of the passage, thus reinforcing the theme of loneliness by illustrating Crooks' barn in a sad, depressing tone.

Steinbeck illustrates Crooks barn to the reader in precise detail. He builds the character of Crooks by describing his surroundings, which is his barn. The place that characterizes Crooks' is Crooks' barn and the time is Saturday night. Steinbeck uses the setting to characterize Crooks since the nighttime signifies Crooks' loneliness.

Steinbeck also portrays Crooks belongings and his possessions to depict Crooks as an intelligent and proud person. Firstly, he conveys the message that Crooks is intelligent by describing the dictionary and the California civil code for 1905. He describes the dictionary because Crooks is the kind of person who likes to learn new things and wants to be acknowledged in society. He depicts the California civil code for 1905 because Crooks likes to know exactly what the society thinks of black people and what rights and freedoms blacks are allowed to have. Steinbeck describes Crooks as a lonely person from the setting, which may mean that Crooks reads these books since he feels lonely. Secondly, Steinbeck illustrates an image of Crooks to the reader by describing his facial features. He expresses how Crooks' "eyes lay deep in his head, and because of their depth seemed to glitter with...