"Of Mice and Men" Critical Evaluation.

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Discuss the importance of dreams in Steinbeck's novel, "Of Mice and Men,"

The novel I have just read is "of Mice and Men," by John Steinbeck. The name of the story ties on with the novel itself as it was taken from the great Scottish Poet, Robert Burns's "To a Mouse"

"The Best laid schemes

O' Mice and Men gang aft agley

An leave us nought but grief and pain

For Promised Joy,"

This is means that even if things are planned to perfection, they can still go wrong. This is exactly what happens to George and Lennies dream, in the novel. My intention in this essay is to show how Steinbeck portrays how important dreams are to not just the characters in "Of Mice and Men," but to everyone.

The Novel is set in the dust bowls of Northern California. Interestingly, Steinbeck was brought up in Northern California.

This is significant to the novel as Steinbeck would have lived in similar conditions to the ranch workers in the blistering heat and dusty winds.

The American Dream is that anyone, from any background can succeed in life as long as they are prepared to work hard.

George and Lennies dream is to own their own piece of land, a small house "an' live of the fatta the land." All they really want is to be independent from cruel ranch owners. This dream is really important to them as if gives them hope and a purpose to keep going. They believe that this can come true- well Lennie does.

Others on the ranch respond to the "Dream," by brushing it aside and believing that it will never happen. To George this dream is a hope a reason to keep going, but deep down he knows that its only...