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Foreshadowing in Of Mice and Men People always guess what is to come. They say things like "The Steelers are going to win today 17 to 12." These people guess with the information they know by using a technique called foreshadowing. Foreshadowing is a technique used to give a hint of what is to come. If the Steelers were to win all their regular season games, many people would say that the Steelers were going to win the Super Bowl. The people do not know that they will win but using what happened in the regular season those people make a guess that the Stealers will win. John Steinbeck uses this technique of foreshadowing in the book Of Mice and Men. Many scenes in the book link well to others and when one reads scenes that are similar it makes the book a more interesting read.

In Steinbeck's story Of Mice and Men, two shootings take place in the book.

First, Candy's dog is killed then at the end of the book Lennie is killed. These shooting have a lot in common. To start both the dog and Lennie were shoot by the same gun, a luger. Carlson owned the luger. The dog was shoot by Carlson and Lennie was shoot by George. Both, Lennie and the dog were shoot in the back of the head "where the spine and the skull were joined."(page 105) Steinbeck and Carlson used the same word to describe the pain, which the victims would endure. The word was quiver. Both of the victims friends reacted the same, they both seemed mesmerized and bemused about what had happened. The dog's M. Stern page 2 shooting set up a foreshadow for the killing of Lennie. When one reads the shooting of Lennie they think about...