Of Mice and Men by John Steinback (Novel; Tragedy) In your opinion was it right or wrong for george to kill Lennie? ( a lot of foreshadowing examples!! )

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I think George was right to have killed Lennie. It was better that Lennie died talking to George about his dream of the land, the only thing he really wanted, rather than the other men from the ranch yelling at him for killing Curly's wife. There were many examples of foreshadowing in this novel. They already had to run away from Weed because of Lennie messing up, not on purpose, but because he could not help it, this foreshadows him killing Curly's wife. When Candy's dog is shot in the same way and with the same weapon that Lennie is killed with is another one. Also, George's warnings about not fooling around with Curley or Curley's wife turn out to be correct. And his warnings that Lennie may kill the puppy if he handles it too harshly also turn out to be accurate. The fact that Lennie is totally defenseless and depends on George for everything is a major example of foreshadowing. This gives you clues in the beginning of the story that Lennie will be doomed later. His enthusiasm for the land and their future is another example. When George and Lennie were together Lennie always wanted to hear about their dream. It was more like a fantasy and not a future. Another example is since he is too innocent; Lennie is automatically set up for disaster. Lennie accidentally killing everything is also a part of foreshadowing that the novel would have a tragic ending. Lennie killing things start out as something small, like the mice, and later progresses to the puppy, then finally ends with killing Curly's wife. Which means things are only getting worse in reality, but seem to be getting better in their heads, because they believe in the dream of their future...