"Mice and Men" By john Steinbeck

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GCSE English : Diverse cultures

Discuss the importance of dreams in "Mice and Men"

Dreams, there are two types of dreams. One of them is when you are asleep and you dream. The other kind is a dream, which represents ones ambition and hope. There is a name for this type of dream it is "The American Dream".

John Steinbeck had studied the myths of King Arthur and was interested in the nature of dreams in general and how people often secretly know that they will never come true but they keep it alive to motivate themselves before he wrote this novel. Through Mice and Men Steinbeck shows this theory through George because he only belived in their dream to keep Lennie motivated, and Lennie's motivation kept George's hope in their dream alive. Though when Lennie dies so does George's hope and the dream.

In this story "The American Dream" is extremely important.

The importance of dreams is clearly shown as everyone in this story has dreams; the dreams in this story dose not only represent ambition but also mainly hope. This is what keeps the men in the ranch going in the hope that they one day may achieve their dream.

Everyone in the ranch has dreams; Candy's dream was, not to be thrown out of the ranch and to become involved with George and Lennies dream not only for the security but also for the company. Crook's dream was to have some one to talk to and be respected for his intelligence. He also wants his civil rights & he wants what legally belongs to him, his own land that was stolen from him by white people. Curley's wife, her dream was to be a movie star-be adored and get out of her marriage to...