Of Mice and Men: Loneliness Motif

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Loneliness is a major theme in Of Mice and Men. By focusing on three characters in the novel, discuss what Steinbeck has to say about loneliness and its effects on people.

Loneliness is a central theme in John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men. Set in the 1930's,the story takes place on a ranch in California. Most of the characters, in some part of the book talk about their lives and how that feeling of being lonely affects or changes their lives. Some of the characters, such as George, Candy, and Crooks, provoke our sympathy because we know that they haven't been lonely for all their lives.

George, who was "a small, bright man", never expected his life to change in such a drastic way. He was never alone, he always had the company of his friend Lennie, who he took care of .

George and Lennie had a special bound , they shared a dream, a dream all ranch workers want to have in some point. The sunny day they arrived at that Californian ranch, they never thought it would end in such a way. George and Lennie fitted in perfectly , they were nice guys. During their brief stay at the ranch they met Slim, Old candy, Carlson, Whit, Crooks, ranch workers that had no future at all, and in which George would look like, after he killed Lennie.

Candy, an old swamper, who lacked an arm. He was lonely , and had no one except his, also old, dog. This poor character relied on his dog for company, but the other ranch workers couldn't "stand the smelly dog", so they insisted on Old Candy to let the, the dog, go. Candy had nothing, except the dream that one day he...