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John Stienbeck

"John Ernst Steinbeck (1902-1968), American author and winner of the Noble

Prize in 1962, was a leading exponent of the proletarian novel and a prominent

spokesman for the victims of The Great Depression" ("John Ernest Steinbeck").

Steinbeck wrote about many different themes, including but not limited to economic

depression, friendship, migrant workers, nature and The Great Depression. His themes came

from his real life experiences.

Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men is a story of what it means to be human. Steinbeck's

story is of George and Lennie's dream of having their own farm and how hard it will

be for their dream to come true. This story takes palce during The Great Deppression.

Which is one of the many themes Steinbeck used to write about in his books.

During The Great Deppression men use to travel from town to town looking for work, it

was usually work on farms.

It was almost always temporary. It is also a story of

friendship, and how far one will go to protect their friend. "It is the message of the book

that all men are brothers and that it is our duty to watch over our fellow men and be their

keepers" (Leaf 1). Most fiction characters usually sybolize human needs and desires

(Leaf 2). The story Of Mice and Men was based on a migrant worker that Steinbeck

had known and worked alongside for many weeks, only he had killed a foreman instead

of a girl (Leaf2). If you did not read the book, a quick summarry is two men working on a

farm in California. George is a dreamer who wants to own his own land so he can work

and live there and Lennie is a mentally challenged man and wants to take part in this dream...