"Of Mice and Men" theme sketch

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George and Slim may not have been portrayed as good friends in the book but Slim was always there for George when George needed someone to talk to. George really trusted Slim because he told him about the incident in weed. And out of everyone Slim was the only one who recognized what George had gone through in shooting Lennie. Out of all the characters in the book Slim treated George the best, Slim was the one who had backed them up when Lennie broke Curly's hand otherwise George and Lennie would be gone. Or backed him up when the boss started asking questions about George and Lennie. Slim was probably the most respected characters in the book and it really came out that he was a good guy when he asked George if he wanted a drink right after George kill Lennie. This shows character because Slim knew what was going on in Georges head so he offered him a drink to take his mind off of Lennie.

Candy and his dog portray the animal and human friendship the best. Candy has had the dog since it was a pup, when the dog got older it became one darn good sheep dog. Candy got this dog when he was useful, Candy and the dog have both lived out there usefulness, Candy knows that the dog is useless but he still wants to keep it because he has grown up with it and is emotionally attached, the dog is Candy's only friend, when Carlson shot the dog Candy had a tear in his eye because he knew that he had just lost his best friend. Candy could always talk to the dog and it didn't care what he was saying. As soon as the dog died Candy heard...