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The book "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck left a lot to be discussed. The book itself was interesting, intriguing, and at times suspenseful. John Steinbeck is a very captivating writer, his book was so to the point, but the point was very unclear. The thing about this book in particular, was the character's they were very fascinating and personable, after reading the book you almost feel as though you've met them.

In a discussion someone brought up that some of the characters may have somewhat of a predator-like nature. I do agree with this with several characters. One of which is Curley, the boss's son. Curley has one of the most interesting personalities; he is very hot-headed and angry, always looking for a fight. He is very insecure of his size which is shown in the way he where's the high heeled boots and how he is always trying to prove himself by fighting guys twice his size.

He is very over-protective of his wife and is eager to fight anyone he perceives as a threat to his self-image. Curley early on shows that he is out for blood, when he talks to Lennie and George answers. Curley is the best example of a character with a predator-like nature because he actually stalks people down, looking for a fight, or looking to belittle someone.

The character in which Curley is so protective over is his wife. His wife remains nameless through out the book. She is a flirtatious troublemaker, always poking her head in, ""Ever' body knowed you'd mess things up. You wasn't no good"" (104-105), Candy says to her after she's died. Curley's wife is said to have "the eye" for every guy on the ranch. This is the characteristic that makes her predator-like, the...