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Of Mice and Men- essay

In the novel OMAM John Steinbeck shows how George values his true friendship to Lennie by simply standing by him although he may seem to be inhumane because he kills Lennie at the end of the novel. This is a quote to show this "No you stay with me. Your aunt Clara wouldn't like you running off by yourself." This imperative justifies that he is taking Aunt Clara's responsibility by commanding Lennie to stay with him because George knows that Lennie would be incapable of living on his own. In addition, it indicates that George is fulfilling a fatherly figure towards Lennie by showing him the right path and helping him achieve his dream. The word "stay" depicts George as a protective person and also portrays that he is taking a risk looking after lennie because he is mentally disabled. When Lennie and George arrive at the ranch and George tells the boss, `"No, he ain't, but he's sure a hell of a good worker.

Strong as a bull." George cares for Lennie and does not want him to be discriminated. As a reader's point of view, George shows his faithfulness to Lennie no matter what kind of trouble Lennie gets into. The writer's idea was to show that, in harsh economic time people were willing to betray another for money but it was opposite for lennie & George. Lennie is willing to do anything for George, no matter how physically demanding it is. At the same time, George honours the commitment he made to Lennie's Aunt Clara and never sacrifices looking after Lennie. Throughout the novel George is only trying to get the best for Lennie even up until his death proving George is a hero.

On the other hand, in the novel...