Mice Of Men

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This book tells a story of two men. One of which has an handicap. His name is George and he is mentally challenged. The other man's name is Henry. He's the evry day type of guy. Henry and George have benn friends for a long time. This story takes place back in the day of slavery. They stay together through every new owner and all. George is a big muscular guy, while Henry is of average size. So they are in a need for each other. Henry for goerges strength and George for Henry's intelligence. The story goes on telling how they stick together through it all. Then there is a major turn in events. George is not aware of his strength and he likes picking up small animals. But he ends up killing them with out knowing so. George and henry went to a new place and this is where the turning point happened.

George accidentally killed the farmers daughter. Then a ll the towns people wanted to kill him, and Henry didn't want this to happen. So they split up for the first time since knowing each other. Henry knew George wouldn't make it though, either way. So in the end Henry killed George so the farmers wouldn't put him in jail forever, and torture him.