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OUTLINE I. Michael Collins A. Intro II. Early Years A. Place of birth B. Immediate Family C. Education, experiences, and influences D. Involvement in the I.R.B.

III. Easter Rising A. Location and Time B. Important Figures C. Accomplishments and Significance IV. The Secret Army A. Sinn Fein and the IRA B. Terrorism and guerilla warfare C. Cease Fire V. Civil War A. The Anglo-Irish Treaty B. Irregular IRA VI. Conclusion A. The Death of Michael Collins INTRODUCTION Through terror and assassination, a well-respected man in Irish History, Michael Collins, successfully forced the British Army to their knees, and, ironically attempted to remove terrorism from Irish politics. The result was the drafting of the constitution of the Irish Free State, and the founding of the Irish army which saw Collins as the first Commander-In-Chief. His life and death defined the time, in victory and tragedy. Though he had been praised and condemned for his actions, there has been no other figure in Irish history that has accomplished and experienced so much in such a short time.

EARLY YEARS On October 16th 1890, Michael Patrick Collins was born the youngest of eight children. He lived on farmland near Clonakilty, West Cork, Ireland, and began his education at an early age. His father, Michael John Collins, taught him how to read and write from the many books he kept about the farm. When he came of age he attended the Lisavaird National School. Collins enjoyed schooling, and was greatly influenced in nationalism by his teachers and also family and people amongst the community.

Dennis Lyons and James Santry were two people that immensely influenced Collins, "Collins would recall how these men infused him with pride in the Irish as a race: "˜Dennis Lyons and James Santry were my first stalwarts'" (Connolly 8). Lyons,