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Michael Collins was born in Woodfield, Clonakilty Cork Ireland 16 Oct 1890 - 22 Aug 1922 he was an Irish revolutionary leader. Some people would say that he was a villain but, in my opinion he was a patriot and very dedicated to his country. Like his father he was a member of the Irish Republic Brotherhood (IRB) which later became the Irish Republic Army (IRA). He held numerous jobs such as the director of intelligence for the IRA, Minster of Finance, and both as Chairman of the Provisional Government and Command-In-Chief of the National Army. In Collins short life he accomplished a great feat which no other man could obtain "The Anglo-Irish Treaty" which is still emplace today.

Michael Collins tactics were brutal! He used tactics of ambush, terror and selective brutality against the police primarily, but also against Irish collaborators and the army to obtain his goal "Ireland as a free state."

During The Easter Rising 1916 Ireland were defeated by the British Royal Crown Army, the participants, was arrested, some were killed by death squads and the rest sent to the Frongoch internment camp. Collins was only jailed for eight month but, if he had been identified as one of the participants who instigated the rising he would have been shot and killed like the others. Once he was released from prison Collins had risen to become a member of the executive of Sinn Fein and director of organization of the Irish Volunteers. Upon his release Collins every move was being watched by the British intelligence agency; Collins refused to lay pry to his enemies and instead of being the hunted he became the hunter. He watched their every move, he even found out what they ate for breakfast.

Collins was a very imaginative and smart...