Michael Crichton's "Andromedia Strain" Report

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This book is about biophysicists that are conducting a special experiment. They are sending a probe into outer space and collecting organisms for study. After project "scoop" sends seventeen stalites into outer space,a probe falls and lands in the north eastern Arizona. Not very far away the scientists discover many dead bodies that look to have been flung across the ground. The bodies faces appear to have been frozen in surprise. This is just the beginning. In this book the scientists are trying to discover a cure for the deadly bacteria that kills everyone in a non violent way.. This virus kills everyone,except a newborn baby and a old man in the small town in a matter of seconds.2 scientists go into the town to look around and find the man and the baby. They are wearing protective suits so that they wont catch the virus. After getting the baby and bringing it back to a special lab,they have to find out more about the virus.

They conduct some tests and figure out that the virus is. When they are conducting some tests they are looking under a microscope and they see a green substance that appears to be growing on a small piece of rock. They do some more experiments by putting this green substance in a cage that has a rat or a monkey,and find out that they die in a matter of seconds. After they find out what the organism looks like,they have to find a cure. They search for a long time,but no one can find a cure. Finally there is a part where the virus breaks out and a man is stuck in the lab with the virus. When a scientists looks in the videocamera,he sees the mans face and says that it looks frozen...