Michael-Guillme Jean De Crevecoeur

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Michael-Guillme Jean De Crevecoeur

Born as Michael-Guillme Jean De Crevecoeur, on January 31st 1735 in Caen Normandy, St John De Crevecoeur was the son of nobility of Normandy. His mother was a prosperous banker with a very good education for a woman of the 1700s. Crevecoeur's childhood was not very enjoyable when he was young, he was sent to the Jesuit College Du Mont in Caen. There, the dormitories were dirty; he was confined to school and mistreated. He did not enjoy childhood living by his father's rule.

Later in his life as a young man, Crevecoeur developed an interest in antiques. In 1754, him and his father had an argument, which caused him to leave Normandy and go to England. In England, he met a young woman who was the daughter of a businessman. Crevecoeur fell in love with her, but before they had a chance to get married, she passed away.

Heartbroken, Crevecoeur enlisted in the Canada militia. Due to his advanced math skills Crevecoeur seemed as a surveyor and cartographer in the Canadian militia, where he experienced great success. In 1754 Crevecoeur was recommended for a commission as second Lieutenant in the unit of the French army. In 1759 he received an award for courage as well. Unfortunately, his military career was cut short because he was wounded in the battle of Quebec. Crevecoeur left the military in October and moved to New York City in December to start a new life. The first step was to change his name to James Hector St. John De Crevecoeur. With his new name, Crevecoeur began his new life as a surveyor and Indian trader in New York and Vermont.

Crevecoeur met the daughter of a wealthy landowner, Mehitable Tippet, in 1765. In 1769, they were married and began...