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Attention getter: He was considered one of The 25 Most intriguing people of the Year in 1998 by People weekly magazine. He was also named Celebrity of the Year 2000 by US weekly magazine on its January 2001 issue. With his boyish good looks he had conquer Hollywood and several women hearts. You might be wondering.... Who in the world is she talking about? Well this person is Michael J Fox, a terrific actor and my favorite one. Purpose Statement: Today I would like to inform you about Michael successive life. Thesis: Michael J Fox, like any other person have had up and downs in his life, he had a very successful acting career since he was 18, so for almost 19 years. But life can be tough sometimes, after top hit TV series and movies, he had to quit acting and producing when he was diagnosed of having Parkinson's disease.

Transition to body of speech: So to start out we can go deeply into some aspects of his life. Body: Michael J. Fox was born in June 9, 1961, In Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. As a child he enjoyed writing stories, he taught himself rock & roll guitar, joined a band and drew cartoons, this was stated by Biography magazine on their March 2000 issue. He began acting professionally at age 15, on the Canadian Broadcasting Company, in the television series Leo and me. He enjoyed acting so much that he dropped out of high school and moved to Los Angeles. When he arrived there, he discovered the name Michael Fox was already registered, so he took the middle initial J, and registered himself as actor Michael J Fox. In Los Angeles he found work in the TV series Palmers town USA. He also got a role in the...