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Have you ever wondered what speed you can run at? Have you ever wondered what speed the fastest human being can run at? If so, the average speed of a human being is approximately 10 - 15 miles per hour. The person I'm going to introduce to you today, has been reported to clock speeds up to 30 miles per hour. This person has been labeled the by (Tom Lynn, Sports Illustrated, July 1996) as the "World's fastest human". This talented human being that I am speaking of is, world class sprinter Michael Johnson.

Now that we have distinguish the world fastest human, I will first, tell you more about his personal background, second, how he successed as an athlete, and finally, the personality that has driven him to where he is today.

Michael Johnson was born in Dallas, Texas on September 13, 1967. He is the youngest of five children.

Due to the fact the his mother was an elementary school teacher, the Johnson family strongly emphasized education. For this reason, Michael Johnson was an exceptional student. Johnson went on to graduate at Skyline High School in Dallas, Texas. From there he continued his education at Baylor University, this is where he earned his bachelor's degree in business. Although Johnson was quite successful with his education, his parents, would only allow him to participate in sports once he had completed and satisfied his schoolwork.

So at the age of 11, Johnson began sprinting in local track meets. From there he went on to join his junior high and high school track team. Johnson's high school coach, Joel Ezar recalled a race where Johnson's glasses had flew off and it appeared that Johnson had stop to retrieve them, but he didn't. Johnson came out of high school as...