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Did you know that ten years ago, in 1991, Michael Jordan scored a career high of 69 points? Did you know Michael Jordan scored 44 points (season high) this season? Ten years older and a little slower he still can put up the points. MJ lost the old hop in his step, his jumping ability, and the mental aspect of the game. Even though Michael Jordan is still a great basketball player, he showed more talent ten years ago.

He wows the crowd with his stats. A lot of things changed over the years. While playing for the Bulls they won 6 NBA championships, mainly due to MJ's presence. Now, the Wizards, his new team, will be lucky if they make it to the playoffs. A lot of things didn't change over the years though. His field goals made and attempts average is still close to the same. MJ averages the same points per game, steals per game, and rebounds per game, as in his previous seasons.

Michael Jordan is almost exactly the same player ten years ago.

Noticeably, his confidence changed dramatically. MJ's mental aspect of the game went down the drain over the course of his partial retirement. Ten years ago he took four to seven threes a game. Due to the fact he can't make the shots anymore, he only tries one or two threes a game. Michael Jordan knows himself, he lost a lot of confidence with age. Even though Michael Jordan's age took away some of his confidence, he still tries. Sometimes he can't dunk and he'll still try to jump as high as he can even though he knows he won't make it that time. He still tries to throw up ally oops even though he knows his timing could vary with...