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Michael Jordan is a living legend. Someone that everyone knows by name and whenever the word basketball comes up an image of him pops into each person's brain. What he has done for the world of basketball and our society as a whole goes way beyond inspirational. Jordan was not the first African American man to play professional football, he was not denied anything because of his race, but Michael Jordan transcended the question of race as a business man and as a person. He proved to everyone that if you try hard enough at anything you could conquer it; little kids follow his motto day in and day out in hopes to be him. And last, not only is he an awesome athlete and role model but he has founded and help run many charities. This makes him the whole package because there isn't one bad thing you can say about the guy.

His life is not the story of a "victim of society", but instead, it is a story of a passionate and competitive man, basketball player, and salesman that knocks that theory off it's feet. (1 Jet)

As a child, Michael Jordan always wanted to play with the "big boys", he was always striving to be better. Jordan's parents never pushed him to be a great basketball player, it was just the activity that he spent time after school doing. "Rather than trying to create a superstar, Mrs. Jordan and her husband wanted to rear their children with strong moral character, confidence, high self-esteem, and who would feel that they could accomplish whatever goals they set." (2 Norment) This lifestyle motivated Jordan to make something of himself and even though he didn't have much as a child (his family was poor) he always knew that things would...