Michael jordan: king of the court

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Michael Jordan: King of the Court When I began my report I didn't know much about Michael Jordan, but I did know that he was "undoubtedly the greatest player in the history of the NBA" ("Michael Air Jordan" 1). It seemed like every time I heard the word basketball I also heard the name Michael Jordan. There's just no avoiding him. If you are watching television you might see him playing basketball or golf. If you were reading a magazine there will probably be an advertisement with his picture. If you were walking down the street you might see a kid wearing Air Jordan shoes or a Bulls jersey with "JORDAN" on the back of it. This man is probably as recognizable as the Pope.

When we were asked to start thinking of our topics for our research papers Michael Jordan had just announced his retirement from basketball. There were all of these specials on the sports channels and the news so I had to find out what all the commotion was about.

This is why I chose Michael Jordan to be the topic of my research paper. I hoped to find out how he became to be considered the greatest basketball player to ever play the game. I learned about a lot about Michael during the first week of my search since he was getting so much attention from the media at the time.

When Michael Jordan was attending Laney High School in Wilmington, North Carolina nobody thought that he would ever turn out to be the player he is today let alone make it to the NBA. In fact, James Jordan, Michael's father, actually thought that Michael's best sport was baseball. His high school didn't think he was so great at basketball either so they cut him...