Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11": Warfare

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Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" is an anti-American government movie, each of it is characters represent self authority. The white House remarks it negatively, because it is against USA's administration and policies. As the USA is known for it is dictatorship management. This new documentary movie represents a powerful conflict between America's culture and its politics. As the aim of this film, is to show President Bush's enemies the way of his policies on terrorism and Iraq.

As known, America is the most powerful country, which control the whole world. Respect for the president is an American tradition and one that is still very much alive these days. The context of this film is to retort back what America did to Iraq and the attack they make to destroy the country and kill its people, and innocent women and children without any reason. And also to surround Afghanistan's and rich countries wealth, as for example oil.

Fahrenheit 9/11 takes the watcher inside that war to tell him/her stories he have not heard before, illustrating the human cost to USA soldiers and their families.

The movie demonstrates the relationship between the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the united states of America, it also demonstrates how did the states dealt with the 9/11 issue.

Powerful role of oil and greed, and current state of America reflections are shown in this film. It also shows the events that led the US into that mysterious September 11th moment and why the country is now at war.

In addition to that, the movie producer tried to show the internal policy of George. W Bush in handling such issue as well his foreign policy.

The reaction of America's citizens after 9/11 war show their opinion about Bin Laden and Arabs.

Moreover, this film might...