Michael Moore's "Stupid White Men".

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Stupid White Men by Michael Moore

I read the book 'Stupid White Men' by the American writer and filmmaker Michael Moore right after I had seen his documentary film 'Bowling for Columbine'. Its intelligent mixture of facts and the writer's unique humour turns this book into a stinging satire on American politics. Its dense sequence of information and its balance between in-depth explanations and overviews make this book hard to put down. With the following few extracts from the book I am going to show you why 'Stupid White Men' is one of the most courageous and eye-opening, yet entertaining books I have read lately. Although I like the book very much, there is a certain aspect I find problematic or I do not like at all, which I am also going to mention. First of all, however, I will give you a brief overview of the book.

The book is subdivided into twelve chapters of which five deal with the government of the United States and its President George W. Bush. Chapter one 'A Very American Coup', for example, presents all of the members of Bush's administration, as well as their attitudes, election campaign budgets and interconnections with commerce. Chapter four and seven, 'Kill Whitey' and 'The End of Men', deal with social differences between black and white, men and women. In the remaining six chapters Moore discusses issues of the American society as well as global problems.

As mentioned before I think 'Stupid White Men' is a very courageous book, not just because of its provocative title. Michael Moore dares to speak openly of things that today, in a wave of patriotism that gained even more strength after September eleventh, are not popular being thought or spoken of in the United States. In chapter one 'A Very...