Michel de Montaignes view on the structure of the human phsyche

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The human life is a meaningless mass of confusion. We were made helpless we will die helpless. Part of us is always tugging in a different direction. Nothing in a human's life is free, final, or constant. Due to the fact that human actions are so inconstant, life is a mass of confusion.

All humans were born helpless into this world and will die helpless to the world. As soon as we depart from our mother's womb we arrive in a place in which anything can happen to us. Thousands of diseases can attack the human body daily, many of which can kill a person, provided they are not given the proper medical attention. However, even with the best of medical care and a person's body will always start to fall apart. By the time they reach death, they are as helpless as a newborn baby.

There is always part of a human conscience tugging in a different direction.

All this tugging is better known as free will. Humans always have the option to do whatever they want to do. It is moral standards and trained ideals that hold the world in relative order. Without moral standards and ideals, the world would be in complete chaos. People would have no idea how to behave in any situation, and there would be nothing to tell them not to do something. However, with moral standards and trained ideals in place, people break rules knowingly, and can be justly punished for their actions. However, people still are able to break rules, be it for good, or for bad. Regardless of the choice that is at hand, there is a good choice and a bad choice. It then becomes a question of character as to which direction of tugging a person will yield...