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Many notable creators exist, all, which inspired and molded the arts with their creations. In this paper I will focus on Michelangelo, pointing out his life, times, and legacy.

IntroductionMichelangelo is a famous artist whom became synonymous with the expression "masterpiece." Born in Italy, Michelangelo could not have had a more nurturing environment. His primary interest was large marble sculptures and the nudity of the male figure. Michelangelo's extensive creativity led him to explore other art forms. He became very a notable painter, architect and poet.

ChildhoodBorn of Ludovico Buonarrotti and Francesca Neri, Michelangelo Buonarrotti was the second of five male siblings. He was born in the village of Caprese, Tuscany on March 6 of the year 1475. Michelangelo's early childhood was grim and lacked affection. Francesca, his mother, was unable to nurse him because she was sick and very fragile. The family moved to Florence. He went to live with a wet nurse amongst a stonecutting family.

His mother died when he was about seven years old. Michelangelo became interested in the arts. Ludovico, Michelangelo's father, perceived the child's intelligence and wanted him to learn grammar. He expected him to become a businessman. Concerned with the family's fortune and social position, Ludovico relied on Michelangelo's success to retain their properties and position in society. Buonarrotti attended the educational institution of Francesco Galeota of Urbino whom taught language structure. (a Scott Fetzer Company, 2001)YouthWhile studying grammar he befriended Francesco Granacci, who was studying the arts of painting. Francesco persuaded Michelangelo to pursue his personal artistic career. At the age of 13, Michelangelo decided to learn the arts against his father will. He became the apprentice of Domenico Ghirlandaio, a painter. In 1489, Francesco and Michelangelo went to form part of the Medici court. The Medici court, home of Lorenzo...