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Michigan is the state in the East North Central United States. It is different from other states because it consists of two peninsulas completely separated by water and bordering on four of the five Great Lakes. Between Lakes Michigan and Huron is the Straits of Mackinac, which separate Michigan's two peninsulas. The Detroit and Saint Clair rivers border the Lower Peninsula on the east by Lakes Huron, Saint Clair, and Erie and, all of them separate the state from the Canadian province of Ontario. Ohio and Indiana border this peninsula on the south, on the west by Lake Michigan, and on the north by Lakes Michigan and Huron and by the Straits of Mackinac. The Upper Peninsula is bordered on the east by the Saint Marys River, on the south by the Straits of Mackinac and Lakes Huron and Michigan, on the west by Wisconsin, and on the north by Lake Superior.

Lansing is the capital of Michigan. Detroit is the largest city. The climate of Michigan is mainly humid with short summers.

Michigan owes its beautiful and entertaining advantages to its central location on the Great Lakes and to thousands of inland lakes threaded by thousands of miles of streams. The Circle Drive around Lake Superior is an especially attractive route through the forestlands of the Upper Peninsula. The rocky landscapes regular to this part of Michigan are really impressive in the Porcupine Mountains and at the waterfalls of the quick Tahquamenon River. Michigan has well-developed facilities for year-round recreation. The lakeshores and riverbanks, lined with cabins, resorts, camps, and parks, attract millions of people each year. There are more than 40 downhill ski areas and four times that number of cross-country ski trails. Many of the best alpine slopes are in the north, but there...