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The book I read was "Mick Harte Was Here" by Barbara Park. It was about a kid named Mick who was riding his bike home from school one day when he hit a rock on the sidewalk and ran into a truck which killed him. His sister was at soccer practice when she heard sirens and she knew that some thing was wrong, her whole family had a hard time coping with the accident. Her father was a very neat and organized until his son died then he was a sloppy person. Micks mother was a very laid back person and she changed too after the accident now she is a zombie she just mopes around the house all day.

Now I see all the reasons for wearing a bicycle helmet. It could save my life some day and if I'm not wearing one people will have to go through the same stuff that Mick's parents went through like all the grieving and all of the trouble of planing out my funeral and other stuff like that.

It would also effect other people too my friends would have to deal with the pain of not being able to see me any more so I think that it would be hard on them too. But helmets are important not to just me but to other people too because if I were to lose a family member I do not know what I would do because it would be hard for me because I love every one in my family too much for them to be out of my life forever . Even if it were one of my friends were to loose there life due to not wearing a helmet it would be hard for me even though they are not part of my family it would be hard for me to deal with losing them forever. I think that no one should have to face losing a loved one for the rest of there life because if they struggle losing someone as much as they struggled losing Mick in a book it will most likely be three times harder in real life. My mom has said that she would not know what she would do if she had lost someone that she truly cared about and the rest of my family said too that they would not know what too do if they lost a loved one. Because it is had to deal with stuff like that because when my grandma gets sick and she has to go to the emergency room it makes my whole family feel very bad. We never want to do any thing just stay with her until she starts to feel better and then when she is released we go to her house to see who she is doing, then it makes me and the rest of my family feel allot better knowing that she is doing better and that she will be able to get back to her old life before she went to the emergency room. So knowing now how much it will hurt a loved one if someone they know dies I think I think that from now on I will wear a helmet when ever I ride my bike.