Microeconomic Policy: A Learning Diary

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Microeconomic Policy: A Learning Diary

Today is the 1st of September 2004, which marks the beginning of my Learning Diary for ECON 2030. I should have started a few weeks back, however it is not always easy for me to do so. Important facts in regard to the subject so far include: -

· I have been attending lectures and tutorials and to be honest I haven't gained much understanding or knowledge. The topics of consumer and producer surplus are unfamiliar.

· When selecting this course I did so with much apprehension due to the fact that I only just scraped through in ECON 2010 last semester, obtaining a limited pass (3).

· I am currently unsure whether I wish to continue in economics. I have mixed feelings whether I should change to commerce.

· I hope that through this subject I can make the decision on which path I should follow in regard to my university studies.

· Importantly, I have to pass this subject and the best way to do that is to get started on the earlier subject material where I feel I have limited understanding and knowledge.

· The topics coming up in the coming weeks look more interesting and I am looking forward to them.

How much time do I have to prepare?

Two months. Plenty of time until the diary is to be completed.

How confident do I feel about the materials?

At this stage I have not much confidence at all. I have struggled with the early topic of consumer and producer surplus and market failure. The emphasis at this stage should be on revisiting these topics and becoming familiar with the content.

What other pressures are competing for my time and attention?

This semester will see me completing three other subjects and...